Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (VHCB) Caledonia County Investments

Since the establishment of the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (VHCB) in 1987, the organization has funded the conservation of over 5,000 acres of land in Caledonia County, Vermont. This land involved the investment of more than $10.5 million by the VHCB and over $32 million in federal funds. This funding allowed many of the towns within Caledonia County to perform conservation work.

For example, over a 25-year period, the Vermont Land Trust and Upper Valley Land Trust were able to conserve over 4000 acres of agricultural land. This land spanned 17 farms within Caledonia County. Additionally, VHCB funds helped to conserve a farm in Peacham that now is able to produce milk for the Cabot Creamery. The VHCB funds have also been used to secure public access to recreational lands and natural areas in the areas of Center Pond, Newark, Jewett Pond, Barnet, Lake Groton, Lower Symes Pond, Ryegate, and Keiser Pond, Danville.

The use of this VHCB funding to conserve lands in Caledonia County is working towards the VHCB's overall goal to preserve agricultural land and natural areas across Vermont.

Project Contact: Karen Freeman
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Project Lifespan: 1987-present
Regional Planning Commision: None
Funding, Land Management, Land Protection
Project Accomplishments:

The VHCB's funding granted to the land conservation projects of Caledonia County allowed over 5000 acres of farmland and natural areas to be conserved within the county itself.

Project Partners:

Vermont Land Trust
Upper Valley Land Trust
Federal Government
Private Funding Sources

Critical to Success:

The VHCB's funding granted to the conservation of the lands in Caledonia County was made possible by the matched funds of the federal government. VHCB was able to invest more than $10.5 million. However, the matched funds from the federal government and some private funding sources brought the VHCB's investment up to $40 million. Therefore, these matched funds from the federal government and private funding sources allowed the county of Caledonia to make strides in land conservation.


The VHCB's largest challenge in the funding of the Caledonia County land conservation was acquiring enough funding from the federal government. When the VHCB began in 1987 they gained their funding from VHCB trust funds. However, now the budget designated to the VHCB by the federal government is the true limiting factor.