Success Stories

This site is a collection of conservation success stories from across Vermont. It is the first archive of local conservation successes and we hope it will inspire and serve as a reference for local action in the future. There are two main aspects to this site; submitting a story and searching for stories.

Searching for Stories

Anyone can search the archive. Whether you’re thinking of engaging in a specific project with your commission, or just wondering what others have done, searching the site is easy.

Submitting a Story

Are you associated with a conservation project that has gotten something done? It doesn’t matter how small or large in scope. We want you to submit a story detailing what happened. Conservation commissions across the state are doing varied work. For some, organizing a successful Green Up day or volunteer tree planting is the one project of the year. Other commissions are doing the same and would benefit from seeing how you did what you did. Some commissions might be working with the town planning commission on updating the town plan or a new zoning code. This too is useful for other commissions to learn from. Please submit your stories!