Science to Action: Richmond

Within the Science to Action project area, Richmond is under a significant amount of development pressure, so the town aims to improve zoning restrictions and bylaws that may protect natural areas. Richmond provided additional financial support for its inventory in light of this developmental pressure and therefore has a more comprehensive inventory than some of the other towns.

Project Contact: John Kart
Project Contact Email:
Year Completed: 2013
Project Lifespan: 2011-2013
Regional Planning Commision: Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Bylaws, Forest Land, Land Protection, partnerships, Town Plan, wildlife
Project Accomplishments:

The inventory information has been critical in informing town plan updates and zoning restrictions in the town of Richmond.

Project Partners:

Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
Vermont Natural Resources Council
Chittenden County Planning Commission
Vermont Forest Parks and Recreation Department
Arrowwood Environmental
Richmond Planning Commission
Richmond Select Board
Richmond Conservation Commission

Critical to Success:

Richmond's additional funding provided by the conservation commission and select board was able to insure that the inventory was comprehensive and had a tremendous extent across the town.


Challenges included the logistical struggle of organizing meetings and collaboration events, as well as acquiring permission from landowners to come onto their land for field validation.