Ripton Invasive Plant Pull Tools

This is an ongoing project for the last 5 years of the Ripton Conservation Commission. It has the goals of:

- Reducing the population and spread of invasive plant species along roadways in town.

- Involving folks so they can be empowered to act on invasive species on their own.

- Coordinate efforts between towns to provide tools and resources so that individual towns don’t need to purchase specialized tools.

Project Contact: Mark Nelson
Project Contact Email:
Year Project Started: 2009
Year Completed: ongoing
Project Lifespan: Active annual conservation commission involvement for the last 5 years. Using available tools and with some outreach for the communities involvement.
Middlebury, Ripton
Regional Planning Commision: Addison County Regional Planning Commission
Forest Land, Transportation, wildlife
Other Keywords: Invasive Plants
Project Accomplishments:

We successfully applied for a grant to purchase, and did purchase, tools to assist in the safe and effective removal of invasive plant species.

In 2019, we attacked the following populations of invasive plants;

June 5: pulled garlic mustard and chervil near the Frost Bridge on Rt 125 for 4 person hours

June 8: pulled garlic mustard on North Branch Rd west of the Dugway for 1 person hour

June 9: pulled garlic mustard on North Branch Rd east of Dragon Brook Rd for 1.5 person hours

July 31: pulled wild parsnip at north end of Dragon Brook Rd for 4 person hours

Project Partners:

Ripton Conservation Commission.
Residents of the town of Ripton.
Addison County Regional Planning Commission
Other Addison County Conservation Commissions

Critical to Success:

The persistent monitoring, scheduling, and participation of Warren and Barry King are instrumental in our efforts to beat back these environmental antagonists.


Scheduling has been challenging. Our most recent model is to have a community pull for a short time every other week at a regular time during the appropriate times in the species germination cycle. This is generally late spring through early summer.

Project Picture: Some shots of our work over last summer showing volunteers at work and the fruits of their labors.