Orange Town Update

The Orange Town Update was implemented as a result of increase hurricane occurrences and FEMA funding qualification regulation changes. The town plan is a political exercise, but not directly a conservation project for towns that are categorized under Vermont's Act 250. To qualify for potential FEMA funding in the event of future natural disasters, the town plan must be current and up to the standards set by the Regional Planning Commission. As of December of 2011, the Orange Town Plan was out of date and ineligible for FEMA funds due to extensive of erosion and a high maintenance for roads. Alterations within the town of Orange were completed to be qualified for future FEMA funding if another catastrophic event were to occur.

Project Contact: Tom Peairs
Project Contact Email:
Year Completed: 2013
Project Lifespan: 2011-2013
Regional Planning Commision: Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission
Town Plan
Project Accomplishments:

This plan update approved by the Regional Planning Commission for the town of Orange secured FEMA funding in the event a natural disaster were to occur.

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Critical to Success:

The understanding of the Vermont Act 250 and the education of Orange Town Selectmen were critical to the success of the Orange Town Update.