Lincoln Conservation Commission

The town of Lincoln, Vermont resides at the foot of Mount Abraham across approximately 44 square miles with a resident population of about 1,200 people. Approximately one-third of the town of Lincoln is a part of the Green Mountain National Forest, which reduces development pressure and encroachment on open lands. The Lincoln Conservation Commission is involved in various projects regarding land and wildlife conservation. The Lincoln Conservation Commission is committed to the conservation of town forests for the benefit of community members. Lincoln town forests include Colby Hill, Ripton Lot, and Urz Lot. The Lincoln Conservation Commission is dedicated to engaging community members to increase recreation use and maintenance of these natural areas. Conservation efforts include the control of invasive species, the implementation of Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP), along with timber and non-timber stand improvement efforts, and input into the Town Plan. Through the acquisition of undeveloped land, open space will remain accessible to all citizens and maintain high quality habitat for various wildlife species.

Project Contact: Tina Scharf
Project Contact Email:
Project Lifespan: 2001-present
Regional Planning Commision: Addison County Regional Planning Commission
Forest Land, Inventory, Town Plan, wildlife
Other Keywords: Land Conservation, Town Plan, Invasive Control, WHIP Implementation, Town Forests
Project Accomplishments:

Accomplishments of the Lincoln Conservation Commission include the conservation of open space and the creation of town forests for the enjoyment of community members. The Lincoln Conservation Commission has also made contributions to the Planning Commission for the Town Plan and increased wildlife conservation awareness within the community. Through these conservation efforts, community involvement has increased resulting in unified dedication to the conservation of the local forest land.

Project Partners:

Lincoln Town Select Board
Lincoln Town Planning Commission
Vermont Family Forests
Lincoln Community Members
Ripton Conservation Commission
Audubon of Vermont

Critical to Success:

The engagement of the town's people is critical to the success of the conservation of open space and various other projects implemented by the Lincoln Conservation Commission. Funding through grants is also important for the progress and completion of these conservation projects.


Challenges for the Lincoln Conservation Commission include limited funding (mainly through grants), the cooperation of community members, and developing ordinances for the best interest of the community members. When developing plans for the town forests, the Lincoln Conservation Commission seeks to walk a fine line between preservation and sensible conservation.

Project Picture: Beaver wetland complex in the Ripton Lot