Guilford Conservation Commission focuses on trees

GCC completed an ash tree inventory of all town roads and properties, partially funded by a grant from Urban & Community Forests, and actively participated in Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week. They expanded their focus on trees by successfully applying for an Arbor Day grant from UCF to plant trees on town property in collaboration with students from Guilford Central School. Then they received UCF's 2021 Tree Steward of the Year award for their service to local trees. All this met our goal of preserving, managing our natural resources while educating the

Project Contact: Linda Hecker
Project Contact Email:
Year Project Started: 2019
Year Completed: 2021
Project Lifespan: 2019-2021
Regional Planning Commision: Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission
Inventory, Land Management, partnerships
Other Keywords: Trees
Project Accomplishments:

Raised public awareness about Emerald Ash Borer; supported town road crew in managing ash trees along roads; planted shade trees on public property in conjunction with furthering local education about benefits of trees to our community.

Project Partners:

Guilford Road Crew
Guilford Central School Farm-to-School Program

Critical to Success:

The enthusiastic cooperation of every member of the Guilford Conservation Commission was critical. Everyone walked many miles of town roads to inventory our ash trees.


The daunting number of ash trees to inventory - over 2700. The interruption of covid, which made us rework our protocols to include social distancing as we completed the inventory.