Greensboro Land Trust

Few local land trusts exist in Vermont as it is difficult to achieve the necessary tax status and maintain funding and staffing for stewardship activities in perpetuity.

As of October of 2014, the Greensboro Land Trust (GLT) has acquired sixteen conservation easements, comprising 1,100 acres within Greensboro. For two of the easements the GLT paid full value, all the others were either entirely or largely donated. (Where the GLT makes a partial payment, the transaction is termed a 'bargain sale.') The GLT also seeks to educate the public about natural values and the benefits of conservation. This is done in annual open meetings and hikes on conserved land, which are announced in the Hardwick Gazette.

Project Contact: Clive Gray
Project Contact Email:
Year Completed: 1992
Project Lifespan: 1992
Regional Planning Commision: Lamoille County Planning Commission
Other Keywords: Conservation Easements, Land Protection
Project Accomplishments:

The GLT's biggest accomplishment is conserving 1,100 acres in Greensboro, and partnering with the Vermont Land Trust by contributing to five of their easements in Greensboro. In 2009 the GLT was accredited by the Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission.

Critical to Success:

Three Greensboro residents, Nancy Hill, Mark McGrath and Willie Smith founded the organization in 1992, and eventually handed over to a 15-member board and 12-member Advisory Committee. The three organizations together, GLT, VLT and TNC, have 16% of Greensboro's area under conservation.


Fundraising from the community and family foundations. The GLT circulates two appeals each year.