Forest and Field Club, Addison County

The Forest and Field Club is involved in collaborative learning and comprehension of various natural science topics through guest speakers and member presentations and has been in existence since 1913. Much anticipated activities include the annual Christmas Bird Count and the Spring Bird Count. The Forest and Field Club is open to new members of all Vermont communities. Monthly meetings are held in various locations within Addison County.

Project Contact: Jacki Tuxill
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Project Lifespan: 1913-present
Addison, Bridport, Bristol, Cornwall, Ferrisburg, Goshen, Granville, Hancock, Leicester, Lincoln, Middlebury, Monkton, New Haven, Orwell, Panton, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham, Starksboro, Vergennes, Waltham, Weybridge, Whiting
Regional Planning Commision: Addison County Regional Planning Commission
Citizen Science, Outreach, Walks and Talks, water, wetland, wildlife
Other Keywords: Guest Speakers, Presentations, Christmas Bird Count, Spring Bird Count
Project Accomplishments:

The Forest and Field Club has successfully completed many years of annual Spring Bird Count and Christmas Bird Count within Addison County.

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Critical to Success:

The success of the strong and respectable reputation of the historic Forest and Field Club is a direct result of the involvement of dedicated members. Club members that are willing attend, present research, provide food, and invite guest speakers are the driving factors in the success of membership retention within the club.


Member participation can often be a more prominent challenge for the club and its members.