Enosburgh Town Forest Trail Cam Project

The Enosburgh Conservation Commission received and $300 grant for the purchase of two trail cams. The trail cams have been up and running in the Enosburgh Town Forest since August. We've produced a series of Youtube videos edited from the captures and have gotten good responses from these on our social media. The cameras are moved around once a month depending on whether or not they are getting any triggers. We've captured video of Fisher, Bear, Deer, Grouse, Fox, Raccoon, Coyote and more. The grant has given us a glimpse into the lives of animals that hiking and in person observation never could. We'll continue to explore and document the animals that live in and pass through our Town Forest as well as nurture public appreciation of Enosburgh's conserved lands.

Project Contact: Ben Maddox
Project Contact Email: benjamintmaddox@gmail.com
Year Project Started: 2019
Year Completed: Until the forees of nature overtake the cameras
Project Lifespan: 5 years
Regional Planning Commision: Northwest Regional Planning Commission
Citizen Science, Forest Land, Outreach
Project Accomplishments:

I think that we've raised the public profile of the Enosburgh Town Forest from a place that hardly anyone knew existed to a valued public wild space.

Critical to Success:

Camera visits and maintenance.


The cameras had to be moved away from the hiking trail because, along with getting some great animal shots, I felt like they might be invading the privacy of hikers. I lost a memory card while checking the cameras at night in inclement weather. I was moving the camera due to lack of triggers over a long period of time so there wasn't any valuable content lost.

Project Picture: some of the animals we've seen
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