Emerald Ash Borer, a Menace in Vermont

Updated research to help communities address the arrival in Vermont of the emerald ash borer was gathered to revise public service announcements developed in 2015-16 when EAB surrounded Vermont but had not been detected. The need to plan ahead and work together to address a problem is a message that can be helpful to all conservation goals.

Project Contact: Lois M. Frey
Project Contact Email: volunteerlois7263@gmail.com
Year Project Started: 2021
Year Completed: February 2022
Project Lifespan: 2021-2022
Regional Planning Commision: Lamoille County Planning Commission
Other Keywords: Community Responses to the Emeral Ash Borer,
Project Accomplishments:

Members of the Johnson Conservation Commission, working with Chris Demars, the film-maker updated four Emerald Ash Borer videos (originally created in 2015-16) by re-working the text to reflect the arrival of EAB in Vermont. They also scripted and filmed a new video which focuses on treatment of affected ash trees. The following revised and new public service announcements were produced:

EAB-ZILLA 2021 – Emerald Ash Borer (2.51 minutes)

TALK SHOW 2021 – Woodland Today (3.11 minutes)

FIREWOOD 2021 – Don’t move firewood (30 seconds)

UNWANTED 2021 – Emerald Ash Borer (30 seconds)

EAB TREATMENT 2021 – What you can do (30 seconds)

Distribution of the videos is on-going with placement on the Town of Johnson, Conservation Commission webpage and the Commission's Facebook page. They will be re-released seasonally as a reminder to not move firewood.

Project Partners:

Chris Demars, Demars Media

Critical to Success:

The videos prepared in 2015-16 by the Regional Invasive Insect Preparedness Team with its many volunteers made the 2021 revised production a great deal easier. Only two voice-overs were needed and both people agreed to participate. Sue Lovering, a First Detector, who designed and stitched the EAB outfit freshened it up and also brought the most recent information about EAB to the project. Chris Demars, the film-maker is a whiz with the camera and also was the primary narrator. His hours on the project exceeded the contracted number, which he subsequently donated to make the EAB Treatment video.


We developed a plan, followed the steps, and had a terrific day weather-wise to do the filming. The completed files are quite large so they cannot be transferred easily. I will send them separately.