Conservation Easement for the Green Mountain Monastery

Our GCC applied to the Greensboro Selectboard to allocate $2,000 from the Greensboro Conservation Fund to complement other sources that were funding a conservation easement at the Green Mountain Monastery. The Selectboard agreed.

Project Contact: Sister Gail Worcello
Project Contact Email:
Year Project Started: 2018
Year Completed: 2020
Project Lifespan: 2018-2020
Regional Planning Commision: Northeastern Vermont Development Association
Forest Land, Land Protection, partnerships
Other Keywords: conservation easement
Project Accomplishments:

133 acres of largely forestland at the Green Mountain Monastery was conserved with the VHCB and The Nature Conservancy.

Project Partners:

Greensboro Selectboard
Green Mountain Monastery
Vermont Housing and Conservation Board
Greensboro Land Trust
Green Mountain Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation

Critical to Success:

The Greensboro Land Trust led the effort.


The biggest challenge was that we discovered an abutter was pasturing cattle and otherwise using a small portion of the Monastery's land. The Monastery had no objection to the abutter's use of the land, but to satisfy VHCB and TNC we had to get a signed agreement and establish a fence between Monastery and abutting land.

Project Picture: