Project Listing

Creation of the Granville Conservation Commission

Granville was severely affected by tropical storm Irene in 2011, which lead to FEMA purchasing two properties along the White River, totaling 5 acres. The town of Grandville has since acquired the land, which spurred community members to think about creating a conservation commission. In 2013 a petition was circulated to have a town meeting to vote on forming a conservation commission. The town voted in favor and four people were found to join the commission.

Formation of the Montgomery Conservation Commission

The Montgomery Conservation Commission was created in 2010 with the assistance of a regional conservation partnership, Cold Hollow to Canada, that works to conserve the northern forest and assist conservation commissions. The partnership provided advice and mentoring to get the Montgomery Conservation Commission started.
A group of interested town members proposed creating the commission at town meeting, framing it as “our town is beautiful and unique and if there are things we can do to help preserve the character of the place we call home then we want to do them.”

Zoning Changes in the Town of Enosburg, 2013

As the Enosburgh Town by-laws became due for update the Town Conservation Commission saw an opportunity to improve the town plan to further protect the natural resources in the town. In partnership with Cold Hollow to Canada the commission applied for and received the Davis Grant, administered through the Vermont Natural Resource Council (VNRC) to look at the town plan in respects to how it could improve wildlife habitat and prevent fragmentation.