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What is a Conservation Story?

While it is clear that "one step leads to the next" in local conservation work, please make an effort to describe only the steps directly related to the substance of the story.

We hope that these "other steps" will also be written up as discrete stories. For example, if the subject of the story is a change in a zoning code pushed for by a local conservation commission, you need not go into detail on prior changes in the town plan that enabled the zoning unless it is intrinsic to our understanding of the success in zoning. You can easily link stories when submitting by marking them as "Associated Projects" at the bottom of the submission. In this way, you can keep a clean focus on one particular conservation success, but also show associated projects that helped set the scene.

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What did your project accomplish?

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What was critical to the success of the project? Was there an especially important leader or group that made it happen, or special circumstance?
What challenges did you encounter?
Local contact person’s name. This name will appear in the listing for this project.
Project Area
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The Regional Planning Commision that covers this project. See this page for a map of RPCs.
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Reference Documentation
Reference Documents
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